Advertise Your Way to Wealth

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry. However, advertisers are not the only ones who can make cash from advertising. College students put themselves through school by selling ads on their cars and clothing. Race car drivers and companies sell space on cars to advertisers. Revenues from these ads can generate a nice passive income. Some enterprising individuals are also using YouTube and other spaces online to offer advertising space.

It works very simply. First, you need to determine where you will sell advertising space. You can sell space on your t-shirts, on your blog, on your websites, or on your social networking pages. Next, you need to gather information about what would make your space attractive to advertisers. For example, if you want to sell advertising space on your car or clothing, are you out for a specific number of hours each day in specific situations where a specific demographic may see you? If you want to sell space on your blog, how many visitors do you get each day and each month? Can you gather demographic details about these visitors? This information will help advertisers make their decisions.

Next, you will need to decide how much you want to make with your advertising and how much to charge. You will then need to find advertisers. This is generally quite easy to do – you can advertise available space through your blog or online space or through the “business opportunities” section of your local newspaper.…

If you haven’t filed taxes in a while, or owe the IRS money, it can be a scary thing

If you already have payday loans, personal loans and other debts to consider, an additional debt can be a terrible thing. The IRS forms and letters which arrive about your debt can be scary. Here’s what to do:

1) If you know you owe back taxes but have not filed yet, visit a qualified accountant, tax preparer or tax attorney today. Bring all your financial information. The sooner you file, the sooner you can start paying off your debt. The sooner you file, the more likely you are to avoid harassing letters and calls.

2) If you already have filed and you owe money, consider taking out a personal loan to pay off your debt. If your debt is small, compare the interest rate on your loan and the rate the IRS charges. It may be cheaper to borrow money than to pay the IRS in increments.

3) If you owe a lot of taxes or cannot afford what you owe, work with the IRS through a tax preparer to develop a repayment plan.…