How to be creative and solvent

We discussed yesterday why the idea of the starving artist is cliché but many creative types – artists, writers, performance artists of all kinds – wonder how to make more money doing what they love. There are many ways to get solvent while staying creative:

1) Start seeing finances as part of your creative work. Get professional financial advice if you need it, but start seeing your money management as a big part of your career success. Make time for money and devote energy to it.

2) Use your right brain as well as your left brain. Be as creative as you like, but also use the logical part of your mind to manage your finances. This means keeping track of expenses and income, paying bills on time, and budgeting.

3) Be prepared for feast and famine. For many people in the arts, money tends to come in fits and spurts, especially at the start. A good run or a sudden grant can be followed by some lean times when few new opportunities present themselves. Having a very generous emergency fund and a financial plan is a must to maintain financial balance.

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