When It Comes to Spending, Procrastination Can be a Good Habit

Procrastination is usually a bad habit. Procrastinating at work can cost you your job. Procrastinating on exercise can leave you unfit. However, there is one time when putting something off can actually help: buying. If you want to buy something or want to spend money, get into the habit of procrastinating. Putting off spending cash nips impulse spending in the bud and saves you money. In many cases, you may find that the item you wanted or thought you needed isn’t so important after all – and you’ll have spent a bundle.

Here’s how it works: lets say you find something you really want to buy. Rather than snap it up and put it on your credit card, walk away. If you’re worried about the item being gone, have a sales person put it on hold for you. Take a walk around the block. For larger or more big-ticket items, give yourself at least a few days. Can you find the item for less elsewhere? Do you still think that you adore the item that much? A cooling down period often shows you what you really want and what you’re casual about and can live without.

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